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Dongguan Aplus Lighting Science Technology Co., Ltd.

LED downlights and track lights for retail and hospitality lighting

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  • Phone: +86-769 2161 1400
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    No. 438, Tongqin Road, Wu Shiling, Yangwu Cun, Dalang Town, Dongguang, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Founded in 2009, Aplus Lighting is an innovative designer and manufacturer of specification-grade LED luminaires tailored to accommodate the needs of the architectural, commercial, retail, hospitality and interior lighting design communities. With a mission to bring the best of LED lighting and engineering innovation to the marketplace, Aplus goes beyond ordinary lighting concepts and delivers a collection of cutting-edge LED lighting solutions that facilitate creating inspiring and visually pleasant environments. The company's products are marketed worldwide under the brand names Aplus and VF (Visual Feast). The former caters to the retail lighting market and latter specializes in hospitality and museum lighting.

Aplus Lighting maintains a highly focused portfolio of products which primarily consists of LED downlights and LED track lights. Designed and engineered to the industry's highest standards, these state-of-the-art LED luminaires help architects, lighting designers and engineers create a lighting plan with a perfect balance between style, simplicity, functionality, and energy efficiency. Taking a total systems approach, Aplus LED luminaires incorporate state-of-the-art LED technology to create a lighting experience of equal brightness and comfort to conventional alternatives while delivering unmatched energy efficiency, significantly extended service life and longer maintenance intervals.

Aplus' directional luminaires take advantage of industry-leading light sources with advanced phosphor composition to provide outstanding reliability, performance and color quality. High quality white light with exceptional color rendering provides a fantastic color experience with natural whites and vibrant colors, bringing out the fine details, patterns and textures in merchandise or artworks. Chromaticity range within a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse ensures extraordinary consistency of color precision across multiple luminaires in an installation. Superior optical engineering delivers tight beam control and maximum visual comfort. The lighting systems are engineered to provide exceptional thermal management for a lifetime of optimal performance.

Aplus collaborates with leading architects and interior designers to develop effective lighting scenarios with a design language that maintains all dimensions in aesthetic balance. Whether they are used for retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums, shopping centers, showrooms, exhibitions, window displays, offices, or high end residential spaces, Aplus' meticulously crafted luminaires integrate perfectly with modern contemporary architecture. With its expertise and facilities, Aplus remains steadfastly on maintaining sophisticated lighting design, delivering high product quality, and providing outstanding service to support customers' vision at every stage of the design process.

Strategically located manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China and a team of integrated optical, electrical and electronics engineers allow Aplus Lighting to deliver in-house research, development and engineering with an unparalleled commitment to quality. The never-ending quest for excellence in luminaire design and lighting technology drives consistent innovation that effectively translates the ever-changing needs of today's lighting professionals into forward thinking, future proof and high performing lighting solutions.
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